How To Retain Number Plate When Scrapping Car

Retaining your number plate isn’t a challenging task; you should have proper information regarding what steps are involved in this or whether you are eligible. But you don’t need to worry about anything else because we have shared in-depth how to retain the number plate when scrapping the car below.

All you need to do is, stay with this article and pay greater attention. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this. 

Retain Your Number Plate When Scrapping a Car

As we mentioned above, retaining a number plate is not complex, but you should check whether you are eligible. Here’s the eligibility criteria mentioned below. 

  • Your name should be mentioned in the V5 log book as a registered keeper.
  • Registration application of the number should always be transferrable; otherwise, the DVLA will reject the retention application.
  • MOT test of the vehicle should be passed when scrapping and taxed. Otherwise, contact DVLA in case of expiry.

If you are eligible for the above criteria, go to the official website of the DVLA, where you will get the online form for the retention procedure. You have to fulfill the crucial information regarding your number and the reason for retention; that’s it. The department will receive your application, inspect and issue a certificate for retention. 

The retention certificate was applicable for 3 to 4 years a few years back. But nowadays, the retention certificate is eligible for up to 10 years. One more thing, you would have to pay a fee of nearly £80 when submitting the retention form to the DVLA. 

It’s a lifetime fee, and you don’t need to pay again if you still want to renew the retention after 10 years, as per updated law by the federal government. That’s how easy the retention of 4D plates UK is. 

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The Bottom Line

The above article discussed how you can retail a number plate when scrapping a car. Plus, we also mentioned a great source providing excellent support to you and offering plate manufacturing service at the exact moment. 

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