The Hero Pleasure Scooty is lighter and faster. It caters to its target market with fashionable paint schemes and an integrated braking system. The new IBS works similarly to the Hero Maestro’s combined braking system. When the left brake lever is pressed, it activates both the front and rear brakes. This is the most important change to the Hero’s Pleasure. Additional modifications include a side-stand indication, a lockable glove box, a light in the glove box, a combination ignition lock, and a seat opening mechanism.

Additionally, it receives a new instrument cluster and a mobile charging socket, both of which are highly useful additions. A single-cylinder, 102cc engine with 7bhp and 8Nm of torque powers the Hero Pleasure. The air-cooled, four-stroke engine is connected to an automatic CVT transmission. Both steel and alloy wheels are options. Black, blue, red, green, orange, red, silver, purple, and white are just a few of the color schemes in which The Pleasure is available. It competes with scooters designed specifically for ladies.

The Hero Pleasure Scooty is specially designed with advanced technologies and equipment. This two-wheeler has 2 variants: ‘ Drum Brake’ and ‘Drum brake Alloy Wheel.’ Both of these two-wheelers are made of top-quality material. They are durable, stylish, and perfect for everyday commuting.

What to look for when purchasing a Hero Pleasure:

There are numerous scooters available, each with a different color, style, and engine size. It is highly advised that you read through the following advice if you want to get a new scooter.

  • Type of scooter- You must first understand the main reason why you want to get a scooter. This is the most important step to choosing the type of scooter that is most appropriate for you. For beginners, 110cc scooters that are lightweight and low-powered are highly recommended. The more powerful scooter models are suggested for those who don’t mind carrying a little extra weight in exchange for the best riding comfort.
  • Engine capacity- Engine capacity is another crucial consideration when choosing from tempting scooter offers from dealers. Although a low-capacity engine will get better mileage, it cannot have much acceleration. However, bigger engine capacity reduces mileage while contributing to ideal performance. Therefore, a larger engine capacity works well if you just need to drive short distances. However, think about purchasing a scooter with a smaller capacity engine if you frequently need to go greater distances and are concerned about fuel efficiency.
  • Price tag- The cost of new scooter models has climbed due to the incorporation of expensive and complex technology. But they are still less expensive than bikes. Even if the cost of a used scooter may be significantly lower, the cost of a new scooter is still more affordable.

Here are the things about Hero Pleasure that you must know:

  • Safety features- This scooter is equipped with an Integrated Braking System for added safety. 
  • Comfort- Hero Pleasure is very comfortable thanks to its analogue console type, under-bone handle type, analogue odometer, and analogue speedometer. There is also a mono-textured seat style, kick and self-start start type, and analogue fuel level gauge.
  • Transmission- Pleasure’s performance is supported by an automatic transmission.
  • Body- Hero Pleasure includes spring-loaded hydraulic damper-assisted bottom link suspensions with a 90/100-10 front tyre. And it has spring-assisted hydraulic damper-assisted swing arm suspensions with a 90/100-10 rear tyre. It has a Sheet Metal frame and Under Bone wheels.
  • Dimensions and measurements- This two-wheeler is 1769 mm in length, 704 mm in width, and 1161 mm in height. 104 kg weight, 1238 mm wheelbase, 765 mm seat height, 155 mm ground clearance, and 4.8 litres of fuel tank capacity are the other measurements.
  • Styling changes- The Pleasure has undergone significant styling changes. A new, funky-looking headlamp and some chrome details have been added to the front part. A tiny amount of chrome detailing and certain changes are made to the side part. The Pleasure continues to be a scooter with a classic aesthetic in general.

Let’s learn about the Hero Pleasure Scooty price.

  • Hero Pleasure Drum Brake: 

Ex-showroom price- Rs. 48,297

  • Hero Pleasure Drum Brake Alloy Wheel:

Ex-showroom price- Rs. 50,219

You can book any of these two-wheelers on Bajaj Mall. A two-wheeler loan will be there to help you with your finances. Upon arriving at the showroom to complete the purchase, you can easily get a two-wheeler loan from Bajaj Finserv. These two models are the best when you are looking for a scooty under 70000. So, you may consider these two-wheelers for your convenience.

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