A blocked or non-payable fine is a fine that cannot be paid in the United Arab Emirates. This type of fine is typically issued for traffic violations, and the amount of the fine is usually determined by the severity of the offense. If a driver is caught speeding, for example, they may be issued a blocked or non-payable fine of AED 500. If they are caught driving under the influence of alcohol, they may be issued a fine of AED 2,000.

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Why you should be aware of blocked or non-payable fine in UAE?

If you are caught driving without a valid license in the UAE, you will be subject to a blocked or non-payable fine. This means that the fine will not be able to be paid off and you will be required to appear in court. Depending on the severity of the offense, you may be subject to a jail sentence. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the consequences of driving without a license in the UAE.

How to pay the blocked fine

If you have been issued a blocked fine in the UAE, there are a few ways that you can pay it off. One way is to go to the traffic department and pay the fine in person. Another way is to pay online through the traffic department’s website. Finally, you can also pay by calling the traffic department’s hotline.

Traffic fine vs. Blocked fines

There is a big debate in the UAE about whether traffic fines or blocked fines are more effective in reducing accidents. Some people believe that traffic fines are a more effective deterrent because they are immediate and visible. Others believe that blocked fines are more effective because they are a more serious punishment that can have a lasting impact.

 Personally, I believe that both types of fines are necessary. Traffic fines are a good way to deter people from breaking the law, but they should be used in conjunction with blocked fines. Blocked fines are a more serious punishment that can act as a deterrent for repeat offenders.

Wrapping Up

The UAE’s Federal Traffic Law No. 21 of 1995 stipulates that any vehicle owner who accumulates 12 or more black points within a two-year period will have their driving license automatically suspended for a minimum of three months. The black points system was introduced in the UAE in 2008 in an attempt to improve road safety and reduce the number of accidents.

Under the black points system, each traffic violation is assigned a certain number of points. For example, speeding is 12 points, running a red light is 24 points, and driving under the influence of alcohol is 48 points. Once a driver accumulates 12 points, their license is automatically suspended.

The UAE’s Federal Traffic Law also stipulates that any driver who accumulates 24 or more black points within a two-year period will have their license automatically revoked. This means that they will no longer be able to drive in the UAE.

The black points system is designed to improve road safety by deterring drivers from breaking the law. However, some critics argue that the system is unfair and that it punishes drivers who make minor mistakes.

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