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Do you dress your dog in clothes? Does your dog look amazing in its chic new clothes? Would you be excited to buy a designer fashion for your best friend? With so many of the latest and greatest fashion brands creating clothing for dogs, we have decided to take a look at whether or not it is fair that dogs are getting the same luxuries as humans.

What is the reason for dogs to wear clothes?

Dogs need to be dressed because they are social animals, they have an innate desire to interact with other dogs. The reason is developed so that their owners can maintain a normal standard of grooming for the dog. From this point of view, it would seem that dressing your dog is fair and obligatory as it would be unfair not to do so.

Is it fair for dogs to wear clothes?

Some people say that it is not fair for the dogs to wear clothes. They believe the reason why people do not allow their dogs to wear clothes is because they are making them uncomfortable. On the other hand, some people think that wearing clothes on the dog helps to get its attention and make it stay alert.

What are the coolest designer brands doing dog clothes?

There are a lot of different dog clothes available but it is not always easy to find the best for your dog. Designer brands like Acne Studios, Dries Van Noten, and Vivienne Westwood have been showing their love for dogs with designer clothes that will make any pup happy. Zara dog clothes have also just been launched.

Moncler, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and more

In many cases, no, it’s not fair. The thing is that poor dogs are often left with the scraps of expensive dog clothes in the trash, while rich owners have plenty to choose from.

What are some other cool brands to consider?

Dogs are the most loyal and amazing pets. They love their owners unconditionally no matter what. They also deserve to be dressed up when they go out into the world, but you should do your research before buying them anything. Some people think it’s fair because we get to see our dogs wearing these cool clothes, but is it really? Some of these brands might not have a moral code about how their products are made and that is something to consider when you’re considering getting your dog clothes from them.

Gucci Dog Clothes

If you search online for the ultimate in cool dog clothes that the idea if the Gucci logo adorning a funky dog coat would be the ultimate designer accessory. Be warned though. Gucci do not appear to make clothes for dogs. Many of the iconic pieces that will come up on the internet will not be real and will not have the quality of the Gucci brand.

Moncler Dog Clothes

Moncler Dog Clothes come in different shapes and sizes that can match your dog’s size and personality. These Moncler Dog Clothes have been created with the dogs in mind as they are made of high quality materials. They are also easy to wash so you don’t have to worry about them coming apart easily like some other dog clothes. The coats also come in typically male colors such as navy blue, hunter green, and black so you can choose which color you like best. the Moncler Poldo dog couture jacket is a thing of beauty but at £500, you also need to be a woman or man of considerable means. Certainly if your dog has a £500 coat then you are telling the world “I am very rich!” I can afford Moncler dog clothes as well as a Moncler coat for myself!

Louis Vuitton Dog Clothes

Dog Clothes are a luxury for both human and canines. With a wide range of dog clothes available, it is difficult to determine if the clothes are worth the price. However, Louis Vuitton’s pampered pooches have been given an affluent life unlike most dogs in the world. Currently the only products that Louis Vuitton carry for dogs are the baxter dog collar and the monochrome dog carrier. There are no Louis Vuitton dog clothes on the website.


I also believe that it is unfair and cruel to dogs when their owners get to wear what a human would wear. I think the dogs should be able to have clothes that fit the size of their body and not just shrink them down to fit into something. Gucci dont make clothes for dogs, so it may be that they do not agree with this trend as being kind to dogs?

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